Sites of Interest

The internet, as I'm sure we all know, is full of little gems of web sites. From the truly zany, to the deeply serious. My aim for this page is to present a list of, and links to various sites that I come across in my never ending trawl of the internet. I hope to try and cover various ideas and possibilities, and that the sites that I reference will be of interest to you all out there. If you see any that you think might be of interest to me, or anyone else for that matter, then don't hesitate to let me know at so that it can be shared with the rest of the world.

The Cyber-Kitchen

'the cyber-kitchen' is aimed at building a collaborative net installation with its starting point in the cyber-domestic aesthetic. Numerous pieces of Net-Art for all tastes, and a very enjoyable experience as well.

Now and Then: An Exhibition of Metalwork and Jewellery

This is a website that I designed to accompany an exhibition I co-curated at the Millenniuim Galleries in Sheffield in June 2002.

Art and Technology

This site contains links to various other sites all about Art and technology. There is Art and essays galore,

Electronic Journal of Sociology

This site contains a collection of essays on various subjects written from a sociological perspective. The essays range from those on education, or the internet, through to the Canadian nuclear power industry, or stereotyping. The ones on knowledge are especially interesting.

Union Dance

Union Dance is a postmodern company in the best sense of the word, fusing dance,visual arts, hip hop, martial arts, and big fat breakbeats.

A fresh whirlwind through the stuffy trappings of dance modernism.

e-films (has been moved, currently trying to locate a new version)

An e-film is...

1. A short audio-visual movie.

2. About the author's own original political or abstract ideas.

3. Freely exchanged, not for profit.

Through the world,

why in your life?

'Impronta' (Fingerprint) is a conceptual web-art project: a dialog between virtual and real identities. It's composed by a series of different photos, taken in several places around the world, and now published on the web. This is an ongoing process, being a reflection of everyday's life. My fingerprint is a link, a real touch, and it remains as a virtual trace. A sort of diary, telling about shiftings, visions, meetings...

Art Links

For an even bigger list of art world links check out the links page of my MA Dissertation on the Internet and the Arts.

Gems Directory

Like Gems? Then this is the place for you, precious stones galore here at the Gems Directory.

Virtual BubbleWrap

Is there anything as much fun as bubblewrap? Possibly, but not on this website. This is a website devoted to the little air filled bubbles, we know and love as BubbleWrap. Highly addictive, and without the disapointment that ensues when you find that you have popped all the bubbles.

Fireworks | Fireworks 2

This is an interesting little interactive flash animation, it is quite addictive, and there's two versions to play with. Have fun.

Do you know of any other sites that could or should be included. Maybe its your own personal webpage, perhaps it contains military secrets, or maybe its just plain funny. If you feel it should be included then let me know, and I might think about it.

Email the URL to me at and maybe I'll add it.